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How resin studs are made in the Sly Pony studio

I share so many little glimpses of how resin is created on the Sly Pony Instagram and Facebook, and I wanted to take that further on this brand new blog.

Our stud earrings are one of our most popular products, and for good reason! Beautiful, easy to wear, great to give as gifts, and handmade in Melbourne. Each stud is made of our special eco-resin, which is created from plant based oils. In the studio we mix resin, hardener, dye and metallic leaf, and pour into a mould so it can set in shape (that's the pink thing in the above image!)

Once each piece of resin is completely cured (the reaction between resin + hardener happens over a couple of days), it needs to be sanded. The sanding is because, despite best intentions, pouring resin is messy and lots of drips and dribbles of resin need to come off!

Sanding is a pretty delicate process for studs - using a fine grade of sandpaper jagged edges are taken off. This photo is from our Instagram - @slyponystudio if you want to follow along!

And finally each resin shape is paired off, and has a sterling silver stud backing attached to it. Once these are fully set, it's time to package them up!

There are a lot of little steps along the road to completing each piece of resin, but it's so exciting when customers LOVE their pieces, and are excited to purchase something locally made!

You can buy your own resin studs here, and if you have any questions please email or leave a comment!

x Penny

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